Peugeot Django Windshield

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PMMA sheet, we also called as Acrylic. It is a kind of plastic with very good transparency and thermoplasticity. The transparency reaches to 99%, and 73.5% for UV. The material has a very good mechanical strength,heat-resistance and good durability, and it also has corrosion resistance and Insulation resistance.

  • Material: PC
  • Product name: Motorcycle windshield for Peugeot Django
  • Adapted motorcycle model: Peugeot Django
  • color: Smoky gray,black,Brown,Transparent,Fluorescent yellow,Orange( Note: Fluorescent yellow and orange need to be customized, the customization time is one week)
  • size: 28CM*41CM, 71CM*70CM
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    Material Features

    Our Material Mainly focus on high strength PMMA and PC, with high transparency and stability.
    Peugeot Motorcycle windshield This is the Peugeot Django for motorcycle models IBX's motorcycle windshield improves the aerodynamic performance of motorcycles, thereby reducing wind speed and bringing a more comfortable ride experience, especially on highways.

    Product advantage

    Motorcycle windshield Advantage
    1-More safe ride in the raining , and reduce air pressure
    2- Improve the Airflow, and protect rider from dust
    3- Good transparancy and hard strength
    4- Easy to assembly, specially design for each model

    Product Pictures

    Peugeot Django Windshield 6
    Peugeot Django Windshield 7

    Product Application

    Peugeot Django Windshield 2
    Peugeot Django Windshield 3

    Application of Motorcycle Windshield
    The windshield of a motorcycle is to reduce unnecessary resistance. It can help the motorcycle to control the wind ingeniously. In addition, it also suppresses the front of the motorcycle to make it difficult to tilt the front of the motorcycle, improving the steerability when turning at high speeds. Sex and safety are also one of the functions of windshield.
    The windshield has a very good windshield effect, which can not only reduce the noise generated by the wind but also prevent the helmet from floating up and clothes driving. In the event of drizzle, it can also play a role in sheltering the rain.

    Peugeot Django Windshield 4
    Peugeot Django Windshield 5

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    Product Packaging

    IBX motorcycle windshield customized packaging, highlighting the brand, multi-layer protection, better prevent wear, for you to present the perfect product.
    Serve every customer with the best quality service to ensure that every link meets customer needs.
    All our products are manufactured by ourselves, with guaranteed quality, competitive price, timely delivery, our factory, we are the source manufacturer.
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