BMW F-1200GS windshield

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PMMA sheet, we also called as Acrylic. It is a kind of plastic with very good transparency and thermoplasticity. The transparency reaches to 99%, and 73.5% for UV. The material has a very good mechanical strength,heat-resistance and good durability, and it also has corrosion resistance and Insulation resistance.

  • Material: PC
  • Color: Clear,Light Smoke
  • Product name: Motorcycle windshield for BWM F1200GS
  • Adapted motorcycle model: BWM F-1200GS windshield
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    Material Features

    Product description
    BWM motorcycle windshield This is the BWM F-1200GS for motorcycle models
    1. Protect motorcycle enthusiasts from wind blowing, littering stones, debris and insects.
    2. Motorcycle windshield has sturdy hardware, so it is very stable.
    3. More wind will be deflected, thereby making the ride more comfortable, thus making the ride easier and safer.
    4. High-end high-tech impact modified acrylic windshield.

    Product Pictures

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    Product Application

    Application of the material
    With this motorcycle windshield, the airflow will not influnce the motorcycle rider during long-trip, the rider can enjoy the riding much better. the year round can not do without it
    IBX make a good design of the shape for the windshield, it is fit to the motorcycle better, and looks more attractive.

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    BWM F-750GS windshield

    Product Packaging

    IBX motorcycle windshield customized packaging, highlighting the brand, multi-layer protection, better prevent wear, for you to present the perfect product.


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