Windshield function and skill selection

For a lot of car friends, add a motorcycle windshield, it is a worthwhile project to play. More area, what shape, what color, which is closely related to the usual way of riding, speed, and even models, are worth careful study.

This article is simple for everyone to interpret the role of the windshield and the choice of skills.

Motorcycle Universal Windshield, most refers to the front of the motorcycle used to guide the airflow, resist foreign bodies of the plexiglass. It was called “polymethyl methacrylate,” and it was made of a material similar to that used in eyeglasses today, and it was actually made of two different materials than glass.


Polymethyl methacrylate, which is characterized by being transparent, light, and resistant to rupture.

From the daily step of the small scooter, to sports car, to pull car, cruise car, most of the motorcycle can add windshield, but to different models, the effect of windshield place will be slightly different.

The sports car

For sports cars, the role of windshield is mainly to guide the direction of high-speed airflow and obtain the best aerodynamic effect, so as to reduce the vehicle’s wind resistance and increase the stability of high-speed driving.

So the windshield of a sports car is usually not too big and is integrated with the front hood.

Cruise car

For cruisers, the windshield is less extreme. One aspect should take into account the rider’s comfortable sitting posture, blocking the oncoming high-speed airflow; On the other hand, it should also take into account the guidance of high-speed airflow to increase the high-speed stability of the vehicle; Even consider the fuel consumption.

As a result, we see windshields in all directions on cruisers, from the big transparent shields that Harley owners like to the angled ones like the Honda ST1300 and even the Yamaha TMAX.

The advantages of a large windshield are obvious. Even if the rider is wearing a helmet, the windshield will reduce the impact of high speed airflow on the body and prevent small rocks from flying directly into the body. The disadvantage of large windshield is also obvious, increase fuel consumption, increase driving resistance, and even affect the stability of vehicle driving.

In the current domestic Guangyang 300I, we can see that the ABS version of the windshield has also been adjusted to increase the shape of the wind guide, while the size has been reduced. Perhaps in the manufacturer’s view, the rider had the protection of the whole helmet, the effect of big windshield is not big, but will obviously increase fuel consumption.

A streetcar named

Streetcars, for the most part, choose not to add a windshield. Because streetcars don’t travel very fast, they don’t have to worry too much about wind resistance.

And in the street, after installing the windshield (especially with color), the driver’s vision will be all affected, it is easy to ignore the unexpected situation on the road. In addition, after installing a large windshield, the flexibility of the vehicle will be affected, which is also relatively large for streetcars.

In recent years, the domestic travel culture began to prevail, many users will be installed after the streetcar windshield, converted into a station wagon.

However, users who are more familiar with the motorcycle all know that in terms of sitting posture, streetcars and cruise cars, station wagons or have a relatively big difference.


Most off-road vehicles are not allowed to add windshields. In the off-road vehicle ride, the rider mostly uses the standing ride, once falls forward, the windshield is easy to become the “killing weapon”.

Moreover, the off-road vehicle riding speed is not fast, riding road conditions are very bad, transparent windshield if all of a sudden covered with mud, dust, but seriously affect the vision.

Roving vehicle

The orientation of the windshield is somewhat similar to that of the cruise car for the adventure vehicle. For example, in the desert, the effect of a windshield is more obvious, but if the mud in a melee, the windshield is not very necessary.

At present, many high-end adventure models are equipped with adjustable windshields. Such as BMW R1200GS, Ducati Lantu 1200, KTM 1290 Super ADV and so on.

As you can see from this Red Bull KTM in Dakar, the high, moderate windshield solves the problem of wind resistance when riding in a seated position, preventing small rocks from hitting the instrument panel and blocking the view when riding standing up.

Post time: Jun-22-2021