What Are the Benefits of Riding With a Windshield?

Wind Protection Windshields can help combat fatigue, back pain, and arm strain by removing the wind blast to your face and chest. Less air pushing against your body, results in a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.
Our unique line of windscreens are specially designed and engineered to divert turbulent wind out and away from you and your passenger. Less turbulence equals more comfort and more miles.
If you're planning more than just a few hours in the saddle, a windshield will pay dividends at the end of the day.

Weather Protectionist’s no surprise that a windshield that diverts dry, hot turbulent air will also divert wet, cold turbulent air.
Rain or shine, a windshield makes weather a secondary consideration when hitting the road on two wheels. This is particularly important when you're 500 miles – or more – from home, and you don't have the time, money or the luxury of spending a rainy day in a dry, warm motel room.
Comfort and enjoyment always come first. Staying warm and dry extends your riding time and lets you cover more miles safely.

IBX windshields and fairings are designed to provide wind protection and increased riding comfort, but not protection in the event of a collision with another vehicle, an animal, or any other object.
Just the same, it gives us great pleasure when we get letters from riders attesting to the strength of our windshields upon impact with birds, ball peen hammers, and even deer!
We don't recommend that you have a friend toss a hammer at you while riding to prove a point. But if something unfriendly comes your way on the road and you don't have a strong windshield, you'll really wish you had one.

Post time: May-25-2020