Is the higher the motorcycle windshield the better?

The front windshield of a motorcycle is not necessarily as high as possible, although a higher windshield effect will be better, but the disadvantages it introduces are also relatively large, so the front windshield does not need to be too high, it must be suitable.

The front windshield of motorcycle has the following functions

1. Motorcycle windshiel for, its windshield effect is self-evident. There are absolutely two different experiences with and without. Because of its existence during the driving of the vehicle, the position of the driver’s chest can avoid the damage of natural wind.


2. Diversion. Another very important function of the front windshield of a motorcycle is diversion. It can effectively reduce the driving resistance of the vehicle, improve the control performance of the vehicle, and make the vehicle more stable.

3. Decoration, for example, the “windshield” of this car in the picture above is a decoration function. Its value is to make the current part look less empty. As for its windshield effect and diversion ability, there is basically nothing. Substantial role. Since the windshield is not only a windshield function, its size must be appropriate in actual use, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the driving stability of the vehicle. There will be some security risks.

For example, if the installation is too high, it will block the line of sight, which will make the driver and passengers feel dazzling. And because the windshield area is too large, it will increase the driving resistance of the vehicle. This will not only affect the power but also affect the fuel consumption, and even Sometimes the vehicle will overturn due to the wind direction, so the front windshield of the motorcycle does not need to be installed too high or too large.

According to the original car design standard, the chest can be blocked, and the entire installation angle must be inclined to the rear of the car, so that the wind resistance can be reduced, and the most basic windshield effect can also be guaranteed.

All in all, the later installation of the vehicle must be carried out without affecting the handling and power performance of the vehicle. Otherwise, it is not necessary to install it, so the additional accessories must be used reasonably.

Post time: Aug-23-2021