Is the higher the motorcycle windshield, the better? What about its advantages and disadvantages? Motorcycle players, take a look!

The windshields of motorcycles are divided into those of the original factory and those of the auxiliary factory. Generally, motorcycles equipped with the windshields of the original factory are mainly some ADV models and some GT travel motorcycle. The applicable purpose of these models is for long-distance crossing and travel. Carrying the windshields can reduce the degree of fatigue; There is also another motorcycle equipped with the original windshield, which is prone racing type, because this kind of motorcycle belongs to a relatively sporty model. When the vehicle is driving at high speed, people lie prone on the fuel tank, and the windshield can guide the air flow from people’s helmet, so as to reduce the driving resistance. 

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Some original models without windshield are generally street motors. Because the purpose of street motors is actually driving on the street, and there is little need for long-distance crossing. However, I think street motors are with relatively balanced comprehensive performance, which can be used for daily commutes or riding. They can be regarded as a motorcycle with wide usage. So if I want to go out for a motorcycle trip, I will install a windshield on the streetcar to reduce the fatigue of long-distance travel. So the higher the windshield of the motorcycle, the better? I don’t think so.

There were several motorcycle trips I had. I also rode a street motor. At that time, I didn’t install a windshield for the sake of beauty. As a result, I felt like a kite when cruising at high speed. I was swayed left and right by the strong wind, and the whole body was blown silly. When I go to the motorcycle tour later, I honestly install the windshield. Generally, I will choose a more moderate size.

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What is suitable height? It just can block the windward side of the chest, but there must be a certain wind blowing towards the helmet. Before that, I had a Suzuki dl250. I saw that the windshield of the original factory was relatively small and only blocked the wind on my chest. Later, I changed a sub factory part and chose the largest model.

Although the wind proof effect is very good, it almost blocks all the wind on the chest and helmet position. As a result, it will be in summer. For safety, I go out in cycling clothes. After running out with that strong wind for several times, I feel like I will suffer from heatstroke. Why? Because the helmet and body do not blow, and there is sun exposure on the top of the head, the inside of the helmet is sweating all the time, and the body is sweating all the time, so that the headgear is completely wet, and the inside of the helmet is also completely wet. Moreover, due to sweating all the time during riding, the eyes sometimes can’t open. Every time I stop, I take off my riding clothes, take off my helmet and drink water.

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After running for several times, I decided to change the wind block of the auxiliary factory back to the wind block of the original factory. After changing back to the wind block of the original factory, I felt that the wind at the chest could still be blocked, and the helmet could also blow the wind, so I wouldn’t feel muggy. As long as I ran in summer, I wouldn’t sweat. And overally it’s comfortable.

In short, according to my own practical experience, it’s not the higher the windshield of the motorcycle, the better. If the windshield is too high in summer, it will block all the wind, there will be no way to dissipate heat, and the whole person will be stuck in the helmet and riding clothes; In winter, although the higher windshield can block almost all the wind in front, the helmet can’t blow the wind, even if the anti-fog sticker is pasted inside, it can not avoid water mist. Therefore, the motorcycle still needs proper windshield. The size of the original windshield is relatively small. Even if it is a large one, a vent will be left behind the windshield, such as Honda golden wing.

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Post time: Mar-04-2022