How To Clean A Motorcycle Windshield Step By Step Guide?

Always presoak the shield with a large towel or soft cotton cloth. The towel must be soaked with water and laid on the shield for at least 5 minutes to soften things up. Remove the towel and squeeze out the water over the shield as you lightly move the debris down and off with your hand. Keep the pressure light to avoid scratching the surface. It is best to keep this towel for presoaking only. It should not be used on any other stage of windshield maintenance due to the contamination of dirt and debris. Wash the soaking towel regularly.
Final Clean and Treatment
Once the screen is free of all bug guts and dirt, it is time do your final clean & treatment. This final treatment normally involves starting with a light wax or film coating on a clean screen to disperse the water and make the removal of bugs, dirt and debris easier for future cleanings.

Post time: May-25-2020