Function and selection of motorcycle windshield

In 1976, BMW took the lead in installing a fixed windshield on the R100RS, which attracted the attention of the motorcycle industry. Since then, the windshield has been widely adopted. The role of the windshield is to make the vehicle shape more beautiful, reduce wind resistance, improve the speed, increase the stability of driving.

At present, the motorcycle with the original factory windshield is mainly a pull car and a station wagon. This type of vehicle is mainly positioned in long-distance motorcycle travel. Considering the greater wind resistance on the road, carrying a windshield can effectively reduce the feeling of fatigue of riding, and can also block the cold wind in winter, and reduce the invasion of dust and noise. In addition, the imitation race models will also be equipped with the original windshield. In the process of high-speed driving, the driver lies on the top of the fuel tank. The windshield can guide the airflow from the person's helmet to the past, reducing the cycling resistance. Now there will be a lot of large sports scooters are also equipped with the original windshield.

And did not configure the original factory windshield vehicles are mainly streetcars, off-road vehicles and some small displacement pedal models, because the positioning of these models is mainly in the street above the commuter, not a long time to drive, do not have to long-distance motorcycle brigade, because the streetcar speed is not fast, do not need to consider too much of the problem of wind resistance. And in the street, after installing the windshield, especially with color, the driver's vision will be all affected, it is easy to ignore the unexpected situation on the road. In addition, after installing a large windshield, the flexibility of the vehicle will be affected, which is also relatively large for streetcars. For off-road vehicles, there is basically no windshield, because in off-road vehicle riding, most of the riders use standing cycling, once the forward fall, windshield is easy to become a "killer", cause harm to the body.motorcycle windshield

Do you need a windshield or not?

Riding after the wind, the leisure trip is really beautiful, but if the state at high speed is another matter. The original breeze into a sharp knife, will let you can not withstand. However, with a windshield, at the same speed, the perceived drag below the chest will be much smaller, and there will not be as much pressure. The helmet position can also feel the wind, so that it will not feel hot and stuffy when riding in summer, and the overall comfort is effectively improved. For those who often walk at high speed and like motorcycling, if your vehicle has no windshield, you might as well try to install one. The effect of high-speed riding will be obvious and a lot more comfortable.

In racing, you like to enjoy pleasure to speed at the same time, to improve the performance of motorcycle reduce high speed by air drag, the role of the fairing becomes, it can help the motorcycle skillfully control the direction of the wind, in addition, it also can suppress the motorcycle motorcycle front hood make it difficult to become warped, improve handling and safety of high speed corners is also one of the role of the fairing. The windshield of the sports car's fairing is lower and smaller overall. Minimize the contact area with the wind and reduce the air resistance. Reducing the wind resistance and engine performance are equally important for sports cars.

what kind of windshield is appropriate?

The sports car is basically the original factory with a relatively small fairing or a small windshield. Rally car factory originally with a large shield like windshield. But the need to add their own late windshield to how much windshield?

A qualified windshield is one that can just cover the windward side of your chest while riding, but must have a certain amount of wind blowing to the helmet. It is qualified! If the windshield is relatively small and can not block the wind blowing to the chest, it will lead to the clothing ride, the helmet up, chest pressure, wind noise is large. If the windshield is too large, although the wind effect is very good, but the wind is blocked, if in the summer, you dress neatly, the cat behind the gale gear, you will enjoy free sweat steam! Fast heat stroke! Sweat wet your eyes! Because the wind is dead and your wind resistance is high, riding can also affect your balance at high speeds, which can blow you off your cruise line when the wind is strong and risk blowing your car over when you stop.

So choose a suitable windshield, in order to achieve the ideal effect! Now many high-end models have been equipped with electric windshield, you can adjust the Angle and height of the windshield electrically, you can choose a suitable Angle according to your height, keep the head can be blown to the wind is the right position. Let the windshield have the effect of windshield, reduce the noise generated by the wind, prevent the helmet from floating up, in the case of drizzle, more or less can be used as an umbrella.

Therefore, if you often go on high-speed roads, you should choose a suitable windshield for your motv friends. For street cars that commute to and from work and cross-country vehicles that climb mountains frequently, you should not install dangerous configurations. Friends, do you know?

Post time: Mar-15-2021