Don’t be prone to ” Excessive modification “. Take a look at these practical modifications of Vespa!

Many motorcycle fans who went to Europe for vacation talked about interesting stories about motorcycles on the streets of Europe after returning to China. Among them, the most representative is to see many Vespa pedal motorcycles on the streets of Europe. Whether it is Milan (Italy), Paris (France) or Munich (Germany), there are colorful Vespa all over the streets.

The strange phenomenon is that 90% of European Vespa are equipped with original accessories such as windshield and rear trunk. Today, let's take a look at these very practical Vespa accessories.


Some motorcycle riders believe that the installation of windshield will affect the appearance of the whole vehicle and feel very ugly. In fact, it is not. The original windshield of Vespa is of exquisite quality. It is designed by professional designers for Vespa models. The visual effect is no problem after installation.


The most important thing is that the riding comfort can be greatly improved after the windshield is installed. For one thing, the wind noise is gone, which makes the originally quiet riding experience more comfortable. Second, there is no need to worry about the invasion of dust on the rider.


Milan is the fashion capital of the world. Both men and women pay great attention to dress. They often wear clothes of thousands of dollars. No one wants to be dirty when riding a motorcycle. Therefore, the role of strong wind blocking is particularly prominent.


When the windshield is not installed, the face will always be dirty and the body will be covered with dust after taking off the helmet. After installing the windshield, the face is very clean and the soil on the clothes is much less.


For office ladies and men who wear formal clothes to work, adding a windshield to Vespa is almost a necessary choice.


On the streets of Europe, in addition to the windshield, we also see many scooters equipped with the original boot. Because the use frequency of the rear box is much higher than that of the seat bucket storage box. When you get to the scooter, you can store your belongings without bending down.

Riding equipment such as helmets or goggles can be put directly into the trunk, which is very convenient. Even if you take off your coat, you can easily store it in the rear box.


Neat appearance and punctual attendance at various kinds of activities are very important things. How to achieve both, I guess only the refitted Vespa can help.


Of course, after the dating, you can also take your partner to ride Vespa to leave. That's also a very face-saving thing. You won't feel embarrassed because you go to the appointment by motorcycle, because according to the research, girls' resistance to Vespa is almost "0"······


There are also some very good modification parts that are also very practical, such as bumpers. In case of small scratch or slight reversing, the function of the bumper is very obvious, which can save a lot of maintenance costs.


Vespa itself is a fashion element. Of course, it will think more for riders who like exquisite life. Those exquisite equipments that can block the wind and dust and facilitate travel will add more color and fun to the journey and become a good partner to your life.


IBX is nominated supplier of Piaggio-Zongshen joint venture for Vespa accessories. The company produce high quality windshieds, front/rear carrier, bumpers etc.


Post time: Mar-22-2022