Do you know that motorcycle windshields have so much knowledge?

For many riders, installing motorcycle windshield is one thing worth playing with. The size, shape and color of the motorcycle are closely related to the riding mode, speed and even models, which are worthy of careful study.


Windshield mostly refers to the plexiglass used in front of the motorcycle to guide the air flow and resist foreign matters. But its material is different from our common glass.

From small scooters to sports motorcycle, to rally motorcycles, travel motorcycles and off-road motorcycles, most motorcycles are equipped with windshield glass, but the role of windshield glass is slightly different for different models.

1. Sports motorcycle

For sports motorcycle, because the rider drives the vehicle by riding on his stomach, the role of windshield glass is mainly to guide the high-speed air flow direction and obtain the best aerodynamic effect, so as to reduce the wind resistance of the vehicle and increase the stability of high-speed driving.


2. Traveling Motorcycle

For travel motorcycles, the requiremnt of windshield action is not so extreme. On the one hand, it is necessary to take into account the comfortable sitting posture of the rider to block the oncoming high-speed air flow. On the other hand, it is also necessary to guide the high-speed air flow and increase the high-speed stability of the vehicle.

Therefore, on the traveling motorcycle, we can see various sizes of windshield, including the tall transparent windshield loved by Harley Owners, the adjustable angle windshield like Honda GL1800, and even the windshield with lifting height like Indian Highway Masters.

The advantage of high windshield is obvious. Even if the rider does not wear a helmet, the windshield can reduce the impact of high-speed air flow on the head and prevent small stones from splashing to the human body. The disadvantage of super large windshield is also obvious, which will increase the driving resistance and even affect the driving stability of the vehicle.


3. Street Motorcycle

For street motorcycles, most of riders choose not to add windshield. Because the speed of street motorcycle is not so fast, there is no need to consider wind resistance. Moreover, in the street, after the installation of windshield (especially with color), it will affect the driver’s vision, and it is easy to ignore the emergencies on the road.

In addition, the installation of windshield will affect the flexibility of vehicles, which also has a great impact on street vehicles. In recent years, the motorcycle travel culture has become popular. Many riders refit street motorcycle into travel motorcycle after installing windshields. However, users who are familiar with motorcycles know that in terms of sitting posture, there are still big differences between street motorcycles, cruise motorcycles and travel motorcycles.


4. Off-Road Motorcycle

Most off-road motorcycles are not allowed to add windshields. During off-road riding, most riders is standing riding. Once they fall forward, the windshield can easily become a “murder”. Moreover, the speed of off-road vehicle riding is not fast, and the road condition is very bad. If the transparent windshield is covered with mud and dust, it will seriously affect the vision.


5. Adventure Motorcycle

For adventure motorcycle, the purpose to use windshield is similar to that of traveling motorcycle. For example, in the high-speed cycling in the desert, the effect of the windshield is more obvious, but if you ride in the mire, the windshield is not very necessary. At present, many high-end adventure models are equipped with adjustable windshield. Such as BMW’s F850GS, Ducati’s Landway 1200, KTM’s 1290 Super ADV etc.


So what are the benefits of installing windshield?

1. This is the most practical modification

Reducing wind resistance can reduce driving fatigue. That’s it! Whether it’s a short weekend trip or a long week’s trip, staying alert and in good condition in the seat can help you reach your destination safely. In bad weather, the windshield provides higher comfort and protection from bad weather. You won’t like the feeling of wet in front when riding in the rain, or the feeling of frostbite when riding in cold weather. You can use windshield to prevent these kinds of injuries. 


2. This is the most affordable modification

There are many things you can add to your motorcycle to increase your riding fun or improve your motorcycle performance. Windshield glass is a low-cost investment, but it will bring huge returns, because it will certainly improve your driving experience. Compared with the price of suspension upgrading, exhaust system or engine performance improvement, even the high-end windshield is only a small investment. In fact, the windshield glass is really affordable. You can buy two windshields of different sizes or styles for different daily use of motorcycles.


3. Multifunctional modification!

Most motorcycle modifications are often difficult to disassemble. However, most windshield glasses can be removed, replaced or reinstalled with simple tools within 15 minutes. In the hot summer, want to remove the windshield blocking the cool wind? No problem! Do you need large enough windshield to cope with cold and rainy days? Still no problem!


4. Block wind and waves

Windshield can eliminate the wind and waves on your face and chest, so as to help you fight fatigue, back pain and even arm strain. Make less air push your body and ride more comfortable and pleasant. The motorcycle windshield is specially designed and made to transfer the flowing wind from the rider. Less turbulence means more comfort. 


5. Weather protection

It is not surprising that windshield can divert both dry and hot turbulent air and wet and cold turbulent air. Whether it’s windy or rainy, when you ride a motorcycle on the road, windshield and weather change are the main factors you should consider. This is especially important when you’re 500 miles (or more) away from home, and when you don’t have the time or money to stay in a dry, warm motel room on a rainy day. Comfort and enjoyment always come first. Keeping warm and dry can extend your riding time and allow you to ride farther.


6. Fragment protection

Although the windshield is designed to provide wind protection and increase ride comfort, if you encounter emergencies on the road, such as oncoming stones, and you don’t have a solid windshield, you will very much hope you can have one.


For what purpose did you install a windshield on your motorcycle?

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