Are motorcycle windshields useful?

The windshield is very useful for motorcycles, it can block some cold wind in winter. BMW F-750GS windshield can not only slow down the resistance and wind pressure of the rider, but also further maintain the balance of the motorcycle and minimize the impact of wind pressure on safety.
The specific function of motorcycle windshield: make the whole vehicle look more beautiful, reduce wind resistance, increase speed and driving stability. At present, motorcycles with original windshields are mainly pull carts and station wagons, which are mainly positioned for long-distance motorcycle travel. Considering the large wind resistance on the road, installing a windshield can effectively reduce riding fatigue, block the cold wind in winter, and reduce the intrusion of dust and noise.

Motorcycle windshield materials: commonly used PC, pvc, pmma, pet. PVC is very tough, but a little transparent. Easy to bloom and discolor in high temperature. Acrylic is highly transparent, but easily broken. PC has the advantages of both, but it has not reached a certain level in China. The imported PC has a coating on the surface, which cannot be scratched by nails. 5-6 years without discoloration and scratch resistance.

Disadvantages of motorcycle windshields: Many manufacturers will design the windshield to have a streamlined appearance and act as a spoiler. For riders who often travel long distances, when riding at high speed, the wind pressure in front of the motorcycle can cause an imbalance when driving. Moreover, if the wind pressure hits the knight directly, it is easy to cause fatigue due to long-term resistance.

Post time: Jul-05-2022